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What We Do

We offer high-quality GP healthcare services for more than 339,000 people, living in the City of London and the London Borough of Hackney. Our 39 GP member practices work together to provide some of the best local healthcare in the country.

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We support our GP member practices with shared services and resources, to ensure they survive, flourish and can focus on providing the best possible care to residents.

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We represent the group of practices in securing vital NHS resources and public funding, to help residents to live healthier, happier lives.

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We support GP members with shared ‘back office’ functions and use of new technologies, so they can work at scale across large populations and neighbourhoods.

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Strong workforce

In City and Hackney, we have built a strong local healthcare workforce. We recruit GPs, nurses, pharmacists as well as apprentices who are trained to be receptionists and administrative staff. We support our local staff with training and education to develop their skills and expertise.

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GP federations

Bringing GP practices to work closely together with other surgeries in their areas in GP federations is now a common health service approach in the UK. A GP federation can be one or a range of approved legal entities.

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Working together

Working with other local GPs means our practices can share their back-office services and systems, recruit talented doctors and health professionals, use quality performance indicators across their networks and work collaboratively to meet them, so they can improve patient experience and quality of care.