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Get the ‘Flu Jab – Stay Safe from Seasonal Influenza

Flu is a serious illness and experts are worried there could be a lot of it around this winter. From the autumn GP practices will be offering protection from flu by vaccination to their most vulnerable patients, starting with those who are older or immune-compromised. If you are contacted by your practice, don’t delay, get booked in. The flu vaccine does NOT give you the flu – it can make you feel a bit ill but it is far better than getting full-blown flu!

Local pharmacists will also be offering to all patients 50 years and over so there are lots of convenient places to go for your vaccination.

‘Find out more about why it’s important to get the flu vaccination this year, in this helpful BBC report from their health correspondent, Laura Foster.

Social distancing works for coronavirus and for ‘flu

Influenza and COVID-19 share some similar symptoms. They are also both spread via respiratory droplets – from coughing, sneezing and touching.

The coronavirus pandemic highlights the importance of vaccines which protect the public against many diseases. The COVID-19 social distancing measures highlight the lengths we are going to so we can reduce risk to lives, when there’s no vaccine or natural immunity.

Protect the NHS, follow social distancing, wash hands frequently - but also get your ‘flu vaccine.

Contact your GP practice for details of how and where you can get your ‘flu jab.