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QI QOF Toolkit

  • This embeds introductory learning for quality improvement methodology.
  • Easy to use resources for targeted quality improvement – mapped to this year's QI QOF domains focused on a) Workforce and Wellbeing and b) Demand and Capacity in Primary Care.
  • We’ve worked with system partners to do some of the early thinking and provide some focus for your change ideas, which align with other clinical priorities. PCN teams will find the resource helpful for wider contract work related to demand and capacity, as well as for the CCE contract.

Access the full resource here:

GP Confederation QI QOF and Beyond Toolkit 2023 2024 Launch_Beta V2





Suggested next steps 1 1024x730 - QI Toolkit

Suggested next steps:

• Familiarise yourself with the QI toolkit - which includes a step by step guide to getting started. Templated and key documents are embedded within the toolkit. We recommend that nominated clinicians and administrators leading on this spend 20-30 mins familiarising themselves with this resource.

Areas of focus: a) Workforce and Wellbeing b) Demand and Capacity in Primary Care

• Take a team based approach to reviewing the suggested change ideas and resources.

• The appendices have screenshots of how to access various data resources for access improvement work - this includes national appointment data, Apex-Edenbridge, as well as reports from GP Patient survey for example.

• You will not need to implement all the change ideas included! Use the change idea resources and data that fits with your practice area of focus for improvement.

• The contents page will guide you through key slides. For suggested next steps see pg 54 of the toolkit - action plan templates are embedded within the toolkit (slide 15). Detailed guidance is on pg 20 and 21 - The action plans will be useful to aid progress in the specified improvement areas and will support reporting of achievements, as well as sharing learning in the future.

• It would be good if each practice nominates someone to lead on each QI module, so that it is clear who needs to attend the PCN shared learning events later in the year.