Stoptober – Quit smoking and cut Covid-19 risk

quit smoking - Stoptober – Quit smoking and cut Covid-19 risk

Stoptober – Quit smoking and cut Covid-19 risk

Smokers who quit the habit will be in better shape to fight off infections – especially COVID-19.

That’s a key message in this year’s national Stoptober campaign. The annual campaign sets out a 28-day stop-smoking challenge, with help and tools for smokers who are trying to give up.

With the pandemic getting worse again, it’s never been more important for smokers to quit the habit.

Smoking damages the airways and causes a raft of life-threatening health problems.

But quitting helps fight infection, clearing mucus from the lungs – vital for keeping the lungs in the best shape possible to fight COVID-19.

More than one million people in the UK got the message and successfully stopped smoking during the lockdown – the highest number in more than ten years.

Meanwhile in City and Hackney, the Hackney Stop Smoking service continues to offer support to people wanting to quit. Talk to your GP surgery to refer yourself for help to quit.

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