flu jab image - A Word from the Doctor: Get the Flu Jab

A Word from the Doctor: Get the Flu Jab

Local GPs across City and Hackney have become the faces of a new poster and online video campaign – calling on people at risk in the community to get the flu jab this winter.

Posters featuring the vital message from City and Hackney GPs are now on show locally, from bus stops to doctors’ surgeries and other public places.

The GPs are also sharing personal video messages online and via social media, urging adults – especially those over 65 – and parents of young children, to get the vaccination against seasonal influenza.

Local people say they trust their GPs and healthcare professionals more than government sources when it comes to taking the flu jab. Recent local research showed people were more likely to get the flu jab on local medical advice.

Already the doctors’ messages are proving popular – one video clip featuring the Barbican’s  Neaman Practice GP Dr Chor got more than 18,000 hits on local authority social media channels.

Other personal appeals from City and Hackney GPs for local residents to get the flu jab came from Hackney GPs Dr Colvin of the Lawson PracticeDr Opat of the Cranwich Road surgery, and  Dr Hadid of the Rosewood Practice in Stamford Hill.

Find out more about how to Get the Flu Jab – and contact your surgery to book in.