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Why Work in City and Hackney?

We love our work in City and Hackney – and we know you will too. Because it's real.

We are passionate about giving our patients the best possible care, while looking after all the people in our communities who need us to focus on wider health needs.

Our innovative health care services across the Confederation provide exciting opportunities for our teams to make a real difference to patients’ wellbeing and quality of life. We work proactively with patients through our practices to help people improve their health.

It’s challenging but incredibly rewarding. Some of our communities have high deprivation levels, many people struggle just to get by and their health is not really a priority for them.

Some of the local population is difficult to reach – such as those who don’t speak English, the elderly, housebound or homeless. Some people in these groups may be more likely to have a long-term health condition and need the most help to access care.

We work to address these challenges by sharing ideas, skills, knowledge and our passion for constantly improving the care we give across City and Hackney to all our communities.

Since we came together as the City and Hackney GP Confederation in 2014, our practices have achieved a transformation in the quality of local healthcare – consistently achieving some of the best health gain outcomes across the UK.

Today, the Confederation is a well-established leader among other GP networks which are still emerging across the UK. City and Hackney’s success and strength as a well-run and coordinated confederation means our GP member practices remain independent but speak with one voice. This has helped us secure extensive funding for its practices, that will allow them to improve and develop high-quality primary care lasting into 2025.

We have exciting plans and an exciting future – and you can be a part of it!