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Useful QI Resources for Primary Care

Useful videos to help you on your QI journey:

What is Quality Improvement? The perspective of a local GP, Dr Mareeni Raymond – Watch until 4mins30secs for a quick intro
Getting started with Quality Improvement – the 3 golden questions:
What is a PDSA cycle?:
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Collaborative working with a health & wellbeing coach to increase referrals to weight management programmes – a QI success story

QI Case Study_Celebrating Success_Weight Management

  • Targeted conversation with patients with raised BMI and hypertension or Diabetes over a 3-month period.
  • A health equality focus: tailored conversations with patients from ethnic minority groups with poorer outcomes
  • 40% of patients accepted onwards referral to a structured weight management programme
  • More info here: Digital Weight Management Programme - NHS North East London (icb.nhs.uk) 


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