Sunday special opening offers ‘flu jabs for all the family

pdf 1 - Sunday special opening offers ‘flu jabs for all the family

Sunday special opening offers ‘flu jabs for all the family

Families will be able to make a joint visit to local GP practices on Sunday, November 1, to get their vital annual vaccination to protect them against seasonal winter influenza – or the ‘flu.

Three local practices – Spring Hill, Stamford Hill and Cranwich Road – will be opening specially on a Sunday for a Family Flu Day. It means families with eligible adults and children can attend together to get a ‘flu jab or a gentle nasal spray vaccination for young children.

If you’re a grandparent or a person over 65, currently pregnant or a child at risk from influenza, you can get the jab at of the three locations. Younger ones can be vaccinated using a nasal spray. If you are registered with a different practice you can still book a ‘flu jab with your own GP surgery.

Doctors across City and Hackney want all local people who are eligible to get the free ‘flu jab to protect themselves, their families, friends and the NHS this winter.

Both the adult vaccine and the children’s nasal spray have been approved as kosher by Rabbi Avrohom Adler from the Kashrus and Medicines Information Service in Gateshead, who has advised the Government on kashrus issues.

Find out more about why it’s important to get the ‘flu vaccination this year, from local GP Dr Jacob Opat, of Cranwich Road Surgery in Stamford Hill.
Local GP surgeries are all safe places to visit for a vaccination. They are being properly cleaned, staff are wearing PPE and follow social distancing, to keep themselves and patients safe from the coronavirus or other illnesses.

While the ‘flu vaccine will not stop someone contracting COVID-19, it will reduce the likelihood of vulnerable individuals succumbing to the coronavirus.

Contact your surgery now to book a ‘flu jab.

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