Should I get the Flu Jab This Winter?

Should I get the Flu Jab This Winter?

Doctors across City and Hackney want all local people who are eligible to get the ‘flu jab to protect themselves, their families, friends and the NHS this winter, against the winter influenza virus – or, the ‘flu.

Find out more about why it’s important to get the flu vaccination this year, in this helpful BBC report from their health correspondent, Laura Foster.

Local GP surgeries are all safe places to visit for a vaccination. They are being properly cleaned, staff are wearing PPE and follow social distancing, to keep themselves and patients safe from the coronavirus or other illnesses.

While the ‘flu vaccine will not stop someone contracting COVID-19, it will reduce the likelihood of vulnerable individuals succumbing to the coronavirus.

Contact your surgery now to book a ‘flu jab.

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