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Worried about the coronavirus vaccine? Dr Opat explains it’s safe and here’s why

Dr Jacob Opat, GP at Cranwich Road Surgery in Stamford Hill, Hackney, who has been a doctor for almost 20 years, here answers your most common questions on the vaccine.

22 February 2021

Covid Vaccinations Begin

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11 January 2021

Sunday special opening offers ‘flu jabs for all the family

Families will be able to make a joint visit to local GP practices on Sunday, November 1, to get their vital annual vaccination to protect them against seasonal winter influenza – or the ‘flu. Three local practices – Spring Hill, Stamford Hill and Cranwich Road – will be opening specially on a Sunday for a…

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27 October 2020

A Word from the Doctor: Get the Flu Jab

Local GPs across City and Hackney have become the faces of a new poster and online video campaign – calling on people at risk in the community to get the flu jab this winter. Posters featuring the vital message from City and Hackney GPs are now on show locally, from bus stops to doctors’ surgeries…

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19 October 2020

Should I get the Flu Jab This Winter?

Doctors across City and Hackney want all local people who are eligible to get the ‘flu jab to protect themselves, their families, friends and the NHS this winter, against the winter influenza virus – or, the ‘flu. Find out more about why it’s important to get the flu vaccination this year, in this helpful BBC…

15 October 2020

Flu jabs – Call to Over 65s to get vaccinated

People aged over 65 need to get their free ‘flu jab to protect them from seasonal ‘flu – and they’re a top priority group with winter on the way. Doctors across City and Hackney want all local people who are eligible to get the ‘flu jab to protect themselves, their families, friends, and the NHS…

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8 October 2020

Top local doctor steps down as chair of local GP network

Local GP Dr Deborah Colvin has stepped back from her role as chair of the City and Hackney GP Confederation – handing the baton to local resident and health campaigner Caroline Millar. Described by colleagues and local health care professionals as one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking GPs in London and beyond, Dr Colvin…

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6 October 2020

Stoptober – Quit smoking and cut Covid-19 risk

Smokers who quit the habit will be in better shape to fight off infections – especially COVID-19. That’s a key message in this year’s national Stoptober campaign. The annual campaign sets out a 28-day stop-smoking challenge, with help and tools for smokers who are trying to give up. With the pandemic getting worse again, it’s…

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NHS is open! Don’t delay – call your GP with any health worries

If you are finding it hard to cope with all the extra pressures that COVID-19 has created in our lives, there are services that are ready and willing to help.

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19 June 2020

COVID-19: Think you might have COVID-19? Take action now…

If you have minor symptoms, such as a mild cough and fever, you can manage this at home by taking paracetamol and drinking plenty of fluids.

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15 June 2020

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